Case Studies

The Bakery is an artisan bakery in Melbourne employing 26 staff, predominantly on a fixed shift schedule, meaning the same staff work the same shifts every week.
However, just like any business, this “fixed” roster is constantly changing, due to staff illness, time-off or any number of personal reasons.
Before using Rision, Business Manager Gwenda Robb had no computerised rostering system in place. She spent a lot of time managing and communicating shift changes to staff.
She began using Rision in June 2015, and loves the way it frees her up to focus on much more productive things that actually help grow the business.
“I run a paperless office and it is such an advantage to always have a staff roster available on any device, and not having to sort through papers or diaries,” she says.
“Rision is especially useful when I travel. As a small business owner and manager, I often have to spend a lot of time managing and rostering staff even while I am away. Rision’s business app makes it easy to keep an eye on staffing and deal with last minute issues quickly and easily, without impacting my holiday at all.

The Bakery
Rostering from anywhere, anytime

Pico is a Mexican restaurant in Rockaway Beach, New York City’s most famous beach town. It employs 31 front-of-house staff on a flexible schedule, where the staff alternate the times they work.
Pico used a printed calendar with the initials of staff that are scheduled for the day, and Pico’s owner and Manager Chris Miles would field daily texts and calls on a daily basis to sort out the day’s shift. It was laborious and time-consuming, but like many business owners, Chris thought this was just part of the job.
Now, Chris uses Rision. All his team have access to their schedules via the Rision mobile app and can view and manage their shifts independently, significantly freeing up Chris and his managers’ time.
Chris says his team feels empowered and informed, and he has the peace of mind that comes from accurate timesheets and reporting.
“I appreciate the time and effort I am able to save by digitally rostering my staff, without the need to contact each of them individually to confirm. Not only that but I can access my roster from within the Rision app and schedule additional staff within seconds, even while I am on the move.”
“The greatest part about it is that I don’t have to review the handwritten schedule every week to calculate how many hours each staff member worked anymore. Now I can simply view and approve timesheets for each week.”
“It is an ingenious product that I wish I had been using all along.”

A restaurant with flexible scheduling