Rision Limited (ASX: RNL) has joined the ADP® Marketplace.. Rision’s enterprise mobile employee management application is now available on the ADP® Marketplace to help companies effectively manage their contingent workforce.

Rision’s enterprise grade, patented technology has been designed to solve many of the HR challenges faced by large organisations down to small businesses. Rision enables employers, job seekers and human resources departments to interact in a transparent, efficient and user-friendly way that drives improved work practices and productivity. Rision’s core offering includes Roster, LastMinute, TimeSheets and JobMatch.

ADP Marketplace is a new cloud-based “one-stop-shop” designed to help employers dynamically manage an ecosystem of enterprise applications from ADP and world-class partners.  This enables companies of all sizes to extend the value of their workforce solutions seamlessly across their entire organizations via a secure, single-sign-on process.

“Companies entrust many service providers to support various aspects of their HR and business operations and we’re providing them an intuitive platform to alleviate the management complexities”, said Don Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Product Management, ADP. “Rision customers only need to sign into one platform where they can access workforce data, integrate other HCM applications through secure cloud infrastructure and utilise developer resources to enhance their existing HCM services.”

Rision Managing Director, Dr. Kate Cornick said “We are delighted to be partnering with ADP and launching on the ADP Marketplace. Through this partnership, we will continue to support organizations of all sizes, across the United States and Australia, leverage data and technology to manage their employees.”

The partnership with ADP will allow Rision to provide its services to ADP customers. Rision is well placed to support this partnership in Australia and in the USA, where the company has an established office led by Head of Global Strategy, Steven Salsberg.